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Limited Liability Company Litigation

Pepper Law, PLC is a Nashville based law firm with experienced limited liability company litigation lawyers who handle LLC disputes in Nashville, Middle Tennessee and all other areas of Tennessee. To adequately protect your interests as an LLC member or holder of financial rights in an LLC, Professional LLC, or Family LLC, you should choose a lawyer or law firm that has experience specifically with LLC disputes. Achieving superior results for clients in LLC disputes requires not only a solid knowledge of a complex, evolving, and unique area of commercial law, but also, in many cases, the ability to work with valuation experts so that they can place the highest value possible on an LLC’s member’s interest, can defend their positions in depositions, and can present their testimony in the most effective way to the judge, jury, mediator, arbitrator, or arbitration panel.

In Tennessee, disputes between members of limited liability companies occur fairly frequently. In many cases, the protection of the financial interests of an LLC member and the resolution of the LLC dispute will depend upon the interpretation and application of the terms of the operating agreement between the members and/or it will depend upon the provisions of the Tennessee Revised Limited Liability Company Act.

At Pepper Law, PLC we are highly-rated trial lawyers who have years of experience handing LLC disputes and workouts; working with valuation experts in LLC disputes; and working with forensic accountants in cases where it is necessary to determine whether LLC monies have been used or distributed improperly.

At Pepper Law, PLC, our limited liability company litigation lawyers are experienced and skilled at protecting the interests of LLC members in all types of LLC disputes in Nashville and throughout Tennessee, including:

  • LLC derivative lawsuits
  • Lawsuits involving breaches of fiduciary duties
  • Lawsuits involving conflict of interest transactions
  • Lawsuits involving breaches of the duty of loyalty
  • Wrongful termination of LLC membership interests
  • Wrongful distributions by LLCs or LLC members
  • LLC dissolutions
  • LLC member buy-outs
  • LLC membership interest valuations

When LLC members deadlock, it may be necessary for a member to request dissolution of the LLC or to seek injunctive relief from a court. When LLC members deadlock, it may be necessary for the protection of an LLC’s member’s financial interest to seek the appointment of a receiver to operate and to wind up the LLC. In Tennessee, an LLC member has numerous judicial remedies which the member can seek including a court ordered dissolution; an injunction which prevents the transfer of the assets of the LLC or prevents the LLC from incurring additional debt; or, the appointment of a receiver.

In Tennessee, LLC members and directors have certain fiduciary duties to the LLC and to other members as well as a duty of loyalty to the LLC. With some exceptions, the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit against an LLC member or director for breach of fiduciary duty is fairly short----- one year. The one year period can be longer depending upon when the breach was discovered or reasonably should have been discovered. To determine when the statute of limitations may run in your case, you should consult promptly with an experienced and reputable Tennessee limited liability company litigation law firm.

Client Reviews
Mr. Pepper helped me navigate my separation from a 10 year business partnership that had grown quite dysfunctional. His services were top rate. I appreciated the personal attention he gave my case excellent quick communication he gave me. Thanks again Ross!! Dr. Jeff B.
Due to the complexity of this case that involved people/companies operating in different states, I want to thank you for helping me to understand that anyone can file against another party regardless of facts and truths. Your willingness to stand firm and believe that we were innocent of the allegations brought against us, gave me the courage and strength to believe in the justice system. Jerri Merrill