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November 3, 2022
I am writing in regard to Ross Pepper at Pepper Law. I was a 1099 Representative. My company was a large independent representative company for a very large national service company. As a long time business owner, it was very hard to turn over control to Ross and his firm. In a short time, I recognized I could not only trust Ross, but could be dependent on his direction and control. Through my experience, Ross was dependable and pragmatic. Ross took great conscious of my legal expenses through the entire process. I have had the experience of working with many and attorneys on several complicated matters through my career, but none as great as this case. I could not recommend Ross more as a critical asset.

Tom N.

Not only do I appreciate the legal advice and assistance Ross has provided me over the years, I also highly recommend him and his team. Any personal or professional legal matter that arises, I know I can contact Ross and get competent, practical and moreover honest well-researched legal assistance and representation. Ross has assisted me with matters as simple as dealings with my HOA to more recent concerns centered around employment non-disclosure/non-compete agreements and representation with government agencies. Regardless of the legal domain, Ross' firm is my go-to legal team for the utmost professionally ethical advice and representation.

Kelly M.

I live in another state but had made a business investment in Tennessee. Over time the company had not lived up to our agreements and I was in fear of losing my substantial investment. I researched many law firms and was very impressed with Ross Pepper's qualifications and experience. After I spoke with him and a few other attorneys, I knew that with he was the best choice to help me. He was always responsive any time I needed to speak with him. He worked quickly and diligently to negotiate a settlement which resulted in the return of ALL of my investment. I had previously tried unsuccessfully to accomplish this on my own, but once Mr. Pepper and his forensic accounting experts became involved the matter was promptly resolved to my complete satisfaction. His fees were reasonable and his work ethic is top notch.

Lynn G

Mr. Pepper helped me navigate my separation from a 10 year business partnership that had grown quite dysfunctional. His services were top rate. I appreciated the personal attention he gave my case excellent quick communication he gave me. Thanks again Ross!!

Dr. Jeff B.

I wanted to thank you personally on behalf of my son for representing him so well. Contesting a will with undue influence was not my first choice. However, you made the process understandable and navigable for me.

I was very pleased with all your hard work on behalf of my son. Losing a father is never easy for a child.

The reward you received for getting my son's case was an uphill battle. However, you never wavered. You saw the process through to a successful conclusion. You were brilliant.

I am forever grateful for your professionalism and perseverance on our behalf. I really appreciate your sincere desires to help my son and to obtain the best outcome for him.

Thank you again,
Alison Martin

Ross Pepper represented us in a very contentious will contest concluding in a four day jury trial that resulted in a win for us on all counts. If you have ever been involved in a will contest you know they are very difficult to win.

Ross led us through this process with his knowledge, honesty and his unwavering belief in us and our situation. We discovered that Ross does not represent anyone who does not share his values and honesty.

We also discovered he does not waste time. Not your time, his time, the opposing party's time nor the time of the court. His time is spent on gathering facts, researching law and presenting all in the most appropriate legal manner for your case

His preparation for our trial was amazing. Ross always seemed to know what to focus on and was spot on in anticipating the moves of the opposing attorneys. We were so proud of the job he did for us.

If you want an attorney who is experienced, professional, utterly ethical and bound to do the right thing, Ross Pepper will not let you down. Even when the amount of paperwork, depositions, discovery, etc were almost overwhelming, Ross kept up the momentum and made sure everything was totally on track.

This is a process we hope to never be involved in again. But we have learned one thing. The right attorney will make all oft e difference in your case. They must have vast knowledge of past law and first hand experience with will contests. They must be experienced in jury trials. They must believe in you. We were fortunate to find all of this in Ross Pepper.

Mike and Lynn Erdelyan

I first met J Ross Pepper several years ago when I was faced with a commercial litigation matter that involved a bank in Tennessee. At the time, I had already moved to North Carolina and had no idea how to locate a competent attorney who 'Nas located in/around Nashville and who had significant experience in this ar ea. Because of the stakes involved, I was not comfortable with simply retaining any attorney, so I took the extra steps of researching Mr. Pepper's background in bank litigation matters and was impressed with his accomplishments. Throughout the next several months Mr. Pepper demonstrated a deep understanding of the process, my options, the people involved, and the likely approaches that the bank would take in the negotiation proceedings. Needless to say the matter was settled to my satisfaction and it is now just a memory.

Ed Schoppman

I was recently involved in a very complicated partition of property worth over 1.6 million dollars in TN. The case involved 10 different family members that were spread over multiple states. Ross Pepper was able to bring this complex situation to closure with positive results for all parties involved. He and his firm handled all aspects of these activities in an extremely professional and respectful manner.

Sam Dietzel

I never dreamed that I would be involved in any type of law suit as I have always prided myself and my business on integrity and honor. When this law suit started I had no idea that it would continue over a three year period. This lawsuit also involved another member of an LLC and it was ultimately dismissed.

Due to the complexity of this case that involved people/companies operating in different states, I want to thank you for helping me to understand that anyone can file against another party regardless of facts and truths. Your willingness to stand firm and believe that we were innocent of the allegations brought against us, gave me the courage and strength to believe in the justice system.

Your phone call to me stating that the case was dismissed will forever be one of my best days......

I would highly recommend you and your firm Pepper Law, PLC to anyone in need of legal services.

Jerri Merrill

Mr. Pepper helped me navigate my separation from a 10 year business partnership that had grown quite dysfunctional. His services were top rate. I appreciated the personal attention he gave my case excellent quick communication he gave me. Thanks again Ross!!

Dr. Jeff B.

I would highly recommend Pepper Law to anyone who has been wrongfully denied long-term disability benefits. Their attorneys are zealous advocates for their clients; they're knowledgeable, prepared, diligent and accessible. They represented well us in federal court and we were very pleased with the final outcome.

Britton Dinsmore

It was good working with the Pepper Law Firm during my long term disability claim. Having worked as a sales professional with many roles within a small company, it was difficult to express the vocational intricacies of my position, thus difficult to gain the understanding of my insurance carrier. Finding someone with the unique expertise of long term disability is rare, that's where having Ross and Matt as advocates was a great benefit.

I needed three key things from my long term disability attorney:

  • A) Specialized knowledge of long term disability law, not Social Security!
  • B) Medical understanding and compassion for my situation.
  • C) Passion and motivation to get things accomplished

Ross and Matt checked all of those boxes!

Brian T.
Nashville, TN.

My name is Tom Anderson and I live in Columbia, TN. In 2014, I was working for a fortune 500 company and an illness led to me becoming disabled. My company had great benefits including a Long-Term Disability policy that is supposed to pay me 70% of my salary until age 65 if I was to become disabled. Of course, the large insurance company waited 6 months to deny my claim. You can just imagine how I was struggling with becoming disabled at the age of 50, being single and now no income for the past 6 months.

Around September of 2014, I called two different law firms that advertised on the TV stating that they could help me fight the big insurance company. Both law firms talked about how hard it was going to be to prove disability, that I didn't have a good chance to win and it was going to cost a lot of money to win. After I saw the cost, I was sure that I would never get my money.

I had a Real Estate Attorney friend that suggested Pepper Law. I called and they wanted to meet me in person and discuss the case. They put together a compensation plan that was a win/win for both of us. The staff and attorneys were great from the start. They seemed more concerned with my health than anything else. The lawyers obtained all my medical records, obtained letters from several of my doctors stating my condition and affidavits from my employer, friends and past customers to verify how my illness progressed. They put this all together and filed an appeal with the insurance company and WON! Just 5 months from phone call to my first check. It was definitely a win/win for both.

I am still receiving my checks and it feels so much better to have that stress off my shoulders. I am a fan Pepper Law and truly don't believe I would have won my case using those national firms on television.
Good Luck

Tom Anderson
Satisfied Client