Commercial Leases

In most commercial lease disputes, the terms of the parties’ written lease are critical to the outcome of the dispute. The terms of commercial leases can be very complex, if not labyrinthine. As well, the body of law in Tennessee which has developed for many years and which governs commercial lease disputes can be problematic for inexperienced legal counsel. The Nashville commercial lease lawyers at Pepper Law, PLC handle commercial lease cases in Nashville and all other parts of Tennessee.

We are experienced commercial lease attorneys who handle commercial lease disputes involving all types of businesses and real estate in Tennessee. If you find yourself in a commercial lease dispute, lease lawsuit, or detainer action, we have the experience, knowledge and legal skills to ensure that your rights are forcefully and fully protected. Pepper Law, PLC represents both landlords (lessors) and tenants (lessees) in commercial real estate litigation and commercial lease disputes in Nashville, and throughout the entire state of Tennessee.

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant involved in a commercial lease case, you should retain experienced legal counsel who can assess and prove all of your damages. The types of damages which you might be able to recover in a breach of commercial lease case are probably unique to your particular case. We will thoroughly evaluate all aspects of your case, as well as any applicable law, to ensure that you recover all damages to which you are entitled. Some of the types of lease cases our Nashville commercial lease lawyers handle in Nashville and other parts of Tennessee are:

  • Breach of lease cases (for landlords and tenants both)
  • Percentage of sales lease cases
  • Detainer cases
  • Property damage cases
  • Non-payment of rent cases
  • Sublease issues
  • Holdover tenant issues

Commercial Tenant’s Rights and Duties in Tennessee

Commercial Landlord’s Rights and Duties in Tennessee

Damages Recoverable by Landlord’s in Tennessee

Damages Recoverable by Tenant’s in Tennessee

Detainer Actions in Tennessee

In Tennessee, where a tenant remains in possession of the leased property after the lease has expired, i.e., it holds over, a landlord may bring what is referred to in Tennessee as a “detainer action.” Detainer actions are authorized by Tenn. Code Ann. §29-18-104 et. seq. Detainer actions are, relatively speaking, fast-track proceedings which are usually brought in General Sessions Court. The purpose of a detainer action is to obtain a writ of possession from a court. A writ of possession is needed to remove a tenant from commercial property. To prevent violence, landlords are not permitted to engage in self-help to remove tenants, but must do so by obtaining a writ of possession from a Tennessee court.

In a detainer action, a landlord may also request and be awarded damages for unpaid rent and attorney’s fees and expenses (if an award of such fees and expenses is allowed in the commercial lease). In Tennessee, a landlord can file a second action to recover unpaid rent owed, but not paid, which accrued after the court entered an award in the original detainer action.

Pepper Law, PLC will provide you with an initial consultation at no charge for your commercial lease case or detainer action case in Nashville or any other part of Tennessee.

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Ross Pepper is indeed a "lawyer's lawyer." He quickly gets to the heart of the matter and does not waste time on trifles. His knowledge of the attorneys on the opposing side and the judge hearing our matter gave me comfort.

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Mr. Pepper did such a thorough job that I never had to go to trial. He obtained an excellent settlement for me and one that was far more than what was originally offered.

Kenneth Casey President KHCV TV Seattle Washington

I am writing in regard to Ross Pepper at Pepper Law. I was a 1099 Representative. My company was a large independent representative company for a very large national service company. As a long time business owner, it was very hard to turn over control to Ross and his firm. In a short time, I...

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