Claims Against Estates

If someone who owes you or your company money passes away, you may be able to collect the debt from that person’s assets after they have passed away. If you have a claim against someone’s estate, you need to be very aware of the deadlines for filing your claim. Pepper Law, PLC’s Nashville estate litigation lawyers can help you with a claim against an estate in Nashville or any other part of Tennessee.

Generally, under Tennessee law, the longest period anyone has to file a claim against the estate of a deceased person for money owed to them is twelve (12) months from the date of the person’s death. That deadline may be even shorter in many circumstances. For more information about deadlines for filing claims against the estate of a deceased person see: “Claims Against Estates: Deadlines for Filing in Tennessee.” Before you rely on any advice about the time by which your claims against an estate or claims against someone who has passed away must be filed, you should be sure that the advice is in writing and that it is from a qualified lawyer Nashville estate litigation lawyer who you have retained as the above statements are general rules and are not meant to be assurances as to your particular case.

Pepper Law, PLC will provide you with an initial consultation at no charge for your estate litigation matter if your case is in Nashville or any other part of Tennessee.

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Ross Pepper is indeed a "lawyer's lawyer." He quickly gets to the heart of the matter and does not waste time on trifles. His knowledge of the attorneys on the opposing side and the judge hearing our matter gave me comfort.

Ron Erickson Chairman and CEO eCharge Corporation

Mr. Pepper did such a thorough job that I never had to go to trial. He obtained an excellent settlement for me and one that was far more than what was originally offered.

Kenneth Casey President KHCV TV Seattle Washington

I am writing in regard to Ross Pepper at Pepper Law. I was a 1099 Representative. My company was a large independent representative company for a very large national service company. As a long time business owner, it was very hard to turn over control to Ross and his firm. In a short time, I...

Tom N.

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